Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Assignment -- September 29th

Write a Self-Introduction (じこしょうかい) in Japanese
  1. In hiragana, write the first draft of your self-introduction. (Do not publish it online yet). For those who do not want to use their real names, it is also fine to use a pseudonym. For those who do not know how to type in Japanese, click on the “Japanese and Computer” link on the right-hand side of this page. (If after reading the information you still have questions, ask a classmate or the instructor.) Since we have not learned Katakana, use English for your name.
  2. After writing your self-introduction, check your spelling carefully. *If the hiragana appears too small on the page and is difficult to read, press the “Apple/command” key and the “+” key together, (PC users press the “Control” key instead of the “Apple/command” key) and the characters will get larger.
  3. Publish your post on your blog.

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