Wednesday, September 9, 2015

にほんごクラスのブログ(Blog in Japanese Class)

Welcome to the Class Blog! For this class we would like you to keep a blog because it provides a place:

1. To share/express your happiness, surprise, excitement, and/or frustration, as well as any questions you might have, while learning the Japanese language (or any other topics).

  • While studying new grammar and words is very important when learning a language, it is equally important to actually use the language in a real life context. You must not wait to express yourself only when you think you have mastered the language because language learning is basically an ongoing process. In the beginning you may use English or any languages to express yourself, but I recommend that you gradually switch to Japanese whenever you feel comfortable enough to express yourself in Japanese.

2. To communicate with your classmates and other people outside of class.

  • Language learning is not limited to what you do for the course but also includes what you do and experience outside the class. For this project I will ask you to form a group with three or four students. The purpose of the group is to encourage and monitor each other (e.g., leaving a comment on each other’s blog and making sure everyone is following the schedule). I will ask you to change groups once or twice during the semester.
  • We will also create links to your classmates' blogs as well as blogs by students in other sections, other levels, and other schools, so you can see what other people think and feel about Japanese language learning (as well as other topics). You are also encouraged to leave comments on these blogs.
  • We know that your Japanese language is very limited, but you can convey your intended meaning more effectively by utilizing other resources such as pictures and videos. Remember that people utilize not only language but also other resources such as tone of your voice, music, body language, picture, color, font style and size for communication.

3. To reflect (or evaluate) what you have done so far.

  • Sometimes it is challenging to see our own progress or growth. Blogs help you to look back and see how you have changed through the course of your Japanese language learning.

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