Monday, October 19, 2015

Blog Evaluation Categories

1. Language
Grammatically correct
Lot more Japanese than English
Both english and japanese in posts

2. Content
Interesting, entertaining, fun,
Variety, diverse,
Unique (general awesomeness), shows your personality,
Attractive titles, attention catching
discussion of culture (both pop culture and non japanese pop-culture references)
introduce new words or culture references in blog posts
Quality over quantity

3. Layout/Presentation
Multimedia (pictures and text balanced well), Video/ audio/ songs & Japanese emoji, visually/informationally engaging & applealing, intersting photos (e.g. cute girls Travel photos, Nice profile picture like Sato Sensei.)
Put the most important things in the beginning

4. Communication
Responds to comments
Talks to visitors who comment.
Interactive with readers

5. Consideration
Format is easy to read
Not too long/ reader-friendly fonts

6. Frequency
Often updated

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