Monday, October 12, 2015

Classroom Activities on 10がつ13にち

Discuss what makes a good blog in groups of 3-4 people.

At the end of the semester not only teachers but also your classmates will select the best blog. We will use the results of your discussions today as a basis for deciding the criteria that we will use to select the best blog at the end of the semester.
  1. Discuss what makes a good blog in groups of 3-4 people.
  2. Post the result of your discussion in the comment column of the blog. Make sure to include your names or initials with the posting so we know that you have commented.


  1. Grammatically correct, visually/informationally engaging, often updated. Multimedia (pictures and text balanced well).

    Aphie Xie, Ashley Berland, Hao Deng, Alice Wang

  2. Intersting photos, e.g. cute girls
    Travel photos
    Video/ audio/ songs
    Japanese emoji
    Attractive titles
    Put the most important things in the beginning
    Not too long/ reader-friendly fonts
    --------------------- Lu Yang/ Zhenru Zhou/ Shujie Chen

  3. Relatively high frequency of posts.

    Attention catching.

    Includes Pictures and Videos.

    Talks to visitors who comment.

    Lot more Japanese than English.

    Informative and interesting content.

    Eli Chang
    Max Kim

  4. Posts often and interesting things.
    Includes pictures and discussion of culture
    Talks about things personally interesting to them.
    Nice profile picture like Sato Sensei.

    F.G., K.O., E.T., H.G.

  5. 1) Grammatically correct
    2) Visually appealing
    3) Variety of content
    4) Frequent posts
    5) Uniqueness (general awesomeness)

    B.Z., L.T., D.N., S.L.

  6. - post relatively frequently
    - both english and japanese in posts
    - introduce new words or culture references in blog posts
    - format is easy to read
    - responds to comments

    Shannon, Calvin, Jeffrey

  7. Interesting, Responds often to comments, interactive with readers, good mix of audio/visual and textual posts, posts with relatively frequently, blog decorated with aesthetic sense.

    Jake Hamel, Simon Lee, Kasarn Jeradechachai, Serena Wee

  8. 1. frequent posts
    2. multimedia (video, pictures, music, etc.)
    3. easy to read format
    4. use and correct use of Japanese

    - Brian Kim, Ashley Koo, Huai-An

  9. -"wavy"
    -"shows your personality"
    -"non japanese pop-culture references (that is, something new or relatively unheard of among americans, eg. gagaku music or bunraku puppets)
    -"diverse posts" (Priscilla)

  10. -entertaining/fun
    -post frequently
    -pictures, visuals, videos (variety)
    -variety of subjects
    -responding to comments/interaction

    LP, JW, SN, NP

  11. 1) Engaging content
    2) Diversity of content
    3) Reasonable Frequency of posts
    4) Good blog-page layout (not confusing)
    5) (optional) be pretty

  12. Grabs readers' attention
    visually appealing
    good grammar
    posts regularly or a lot
    Andrew Inoue, Jarred Lockwood, Schultz