Monday, December 7, 2015

プリテレ Final Evaluation Categories

Good TV

1.      Language
Use Japanese well (minimal English)
Appropriate language
Good facial and body languages (if you show your face)
Easy to understand Japanese (clear pronunciation) (some challenging words with illustration)

2. Content/ Purpose
Engaging, entertaining, fun, informative, coherent, educational
Interesting (Storyline), funny
Message that connects with audience, sticks with a specific idea
Understandable, makes sense, not confusing

3. Presentation/ Communication
Interaction (breaking the third fourth wall)
Well-presented, well-practiced
Good images (lots of), Lots of animation, not too static, there needs to be movement/scene switches
Good story-telling, good opening,
Good music, clear audio, good quality of video
Moderate length

4. Creativity/Originality
Be original?

5. Others
Have good actors

Good Group Work
1.      Equal Contribution & Participation
Distribute work evenly
Everyone should contribute their own ideas
Good leadership and participation
Make sure everyone knows their own role

2.      Responsibility
Accountability (specific jobs for each group member)
Consistently shows up to meetings/practices --> aka being present

3.      Good Communication & Consensus
Good communication (Face-2-Face is the best! NAH to online chatting)
Compromise! negotiation

4.      Scheduling
Making deadlines for specific things to be done

5.      Consideration
Atmosphere for all to pitch-in
Honesty within team
Being flexible with different ideas
Be open to people's opinions

6.    Others
Everyone needs to be filmed at least once

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